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Wine and pasta are alike. They fix everything.


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Mar 19, 2024
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What goes better with wine other than food? At the 2022 Wine Media Conference, there will be an incredible showing of local Italian food. Registration includes bites at our Thursday Welcome Reception as well as two lunches and two dinners. Curious about what’s on the menu? Find out more below:

Thursday Welcome Reception Bites​

What better way to start an Italian wine conference than with a large assortment of food?! During our two-hour Welcome Reception, attendees will have the opportunity to taste the following along with regional wine:

  • Mixed puff pastries
  • Small sandwiches with salmon
  • Cous cous salad with vegetables and feta
  • Deep fried seaweed
  • Burrata and tomato jelly with fresh basil
  • Small vegetables strudel
  • Mixed stuffed sandwiches
  • Cassolet pudding with parmesan fondue
  • Tataki seared tuna with soy vegetables
  • Vegetable omelettes
  • Cuttlefish with mixed vegetables
  • Smoked swordfish carpaccio with mixed salad, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and olives
  • Bean salad with fresh tomato concassé, red onion and basil
  • Basmati rice with curry chicken strips
  • Gazpacho with vegetables
  • Mixed fruit skewers

Friday Meals​

  • Screen-Shot-2022-09-06-at-2.09.42-PM.png
    Lunch sponsored by Bertani.
    • Antipasti: Mozzarella di bufala con bruschetta al pomodoro fresco e olive – Buffalo mozzarella and bruschetta with fresh tomato and olives
    • Primi: Risotto ai frutti di mare – Risotto with seafood
    • Secondi: Sliced beef steak with butter “Cafè de Paris” and potatoes – Sliced beef steak with butter “Cafè de Paris” and potatoes
  • Dinner Excursions (Offsite) at Museo Rambotti in Desenzano: Start the night with a short visit of the museum famous for Lavagnone plough, the oldest agricultural machine, represented a real revolution in the relationship between man and agriculture, and was the tool which started the essential seasonal cycle of sowing, growing and harvesting. The night will continue with a Lombardy wine tasting in combination with Grana Padano, tasting, and dinner in the open-air Cloister.

Saturday Meals​

  • Screen-Shot-2022-09-06-at-2.14.00-PM.png
    Lunch sponsored by Italian Wine Brands
    • Antipasti: Flan di spinaci con vellutata di patate al timo – Spinach flan with potatoes and thyme pureed soup
    • Primi: Gnocchetti sardi con verdurine di stagione e pecorino fresco – Gnocchetti pasta with vegetables and Pecorino cheese
    • Secondi: Trancio di branzino con patate al prezzemolo e olio al limone – Seabass slice with potatoes an lemon oil
  • Dinner in the Castle of Desenzano: The protagonists will be the wines of the Lugana and Valtenesi Consortia

This list doesn’t even cover the food included on pre- and post-conference excursions. All we ask is you come hungry and thirsty! Ready to join us? Register now.

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