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Victor’s Blessing by Barbara Sontheimer


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Mar 19, 2024
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Victor’s Blessing by Barbara Sontheimer

Meticulously researched love story of the Civil War from the neglected northern point of view. Victor’s Blessing offers a unique perspective of a half Osage blacksmith who journeys to the patent office of Washington, D.C, battle of Wilderness, to the Andersonville prison. For Victor to keep one promise, another must be broken.

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Author Bio:​

Barbara Sontheimer has a B.A. from a little college in the bootheel of Missouri and spent 15 years researching and writing Victor’s Blessing while raising 3 children. A fascination with the everyday life of the people not battles was the driving force. One of her greatest hopes for her novel is that someone turns out the light a bit too late on a work night, or (like she did) occasionally hid from her kids in the laundry room to finish a chapter. Barbara is married and lives in Lake Ozark, Missouri.
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