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Tickled into Submission: Bethany by Jordan Church


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Mar 19, 2024
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Tickled into Submission: Bethany by Jordan Church

Skylar falls completely under Mary’s control. Skylar has multiple dominants dominating her. Too many dominants, or not enough submissives?
Skylar’s work buddy, Bethany, was going to help Skylar deal with Mary, but she doesn’t know that Skylar is beyond help now. However, Mary does know about Skylar’s sexy friend with the large breasts who likes to show lots of cleavage. Not enough in Mary’s opinion!
Supply of submissives (only Skylar) and demanding dominants and Bethany’s sexiness combine to put Bethany in high demand. Mary demands Skylar lures Bethany into a seduction trap. Mary is satisfied with her total control over Skylar but that does not mean she is completely satisfied. She wants Bethany also.
Will Skylar agree to trick and trap her coworker friend?
Will Bethany, so intelligent, allow herself to fall prey to the same predator she wants to save her friend from?
How will Bethany react if Mary gets her word talons into Bethany’s mind and her fingers tickling at Bethany’s ribs?

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Author Bio:​

I share the inner thoughts and emotions of characters while describing detailed and graphic hardcore sex scenes. Erotica with plot and unique characters. Seeing into the minds of the characters is the ultimate voyeurism. I am a big believer in plot and character development. I make the situations and the characters realistic with orgasmic outcomes (for the characters and the readers!). My style of writing makes for an immersive and intense experience for the reader.
I’ve written over a hundred books that are available on Amazon and many are on Smashwords as well.
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