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The Wayward Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose by A.S. Norris


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Mar 19, 2024
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The Wayward Mage: The Adventures of Jack Wartnose by A.S. Norris

Join the epic fantasy adventure series readers say is “very Terry Pratchett” in its style, an adventure “full of magical moments, misadventures, ample humor, and romantic elements,” and “will keep fans engrossed and eagerly turning pages late into the night.” Get the 4x award-winning first book in this new series today!

Marriage is usually seen as the end of adventure, but for Jack Wartnose, it became an unexpected challenge. As a novice mage, his life was already difficult, but when he reunites with his childhood sweetheart and is forced to fulfill an old promise, he takes his fledgling family on a dangerous quest for the legendary Tome of Time. Along the way, they are hunted by revenant assassins from his past. They must rely on more than just wit and spells to survive monsters, revenants, and the challenges of family life. Jack is left wondering if he will find redemption or bring about the apocalypse first.

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Author Bio:​

Norris (as he commonly goes by) is a man of many adventures himself. From hiking in the New Mexican High Desert to climbing Mount Fuji in Japan to diving off the Australian Great Barrier Reef, and many more to tell some other time, he has garnered a love of adventuring and traveling. But his greatest adventure (and gift from above) has been marrying the love of his life and becoming a father. It is this shared adventure that partly inspired him to begin writing this series.

Though not an avid reader, he does credit several authors who have inspired his writing style: J.R.R. Tolkien; C.S. Lewis; Brian Jacques; Terry Pratchett; and Susan Cooper, to name a few. Although he has tinkered with several manuscripts, short stories, and poems off and on for years, it was after kissing the Blarney Stone that this story about Jack Wartnose finally clicked something inside him to finish to the end.
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