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The Motherhood Adds TikTok Partnership to Agency Credentials


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Mar 19, 2024
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The Motherhood is proud to announce our integrated TikTok partnership, the leading destination for short-form mobile video. Over the years, we have seen the opportunity for brands and creators to collaborate on TikTok, and it only continues to climb with 1.8 billion users expected by the end of 2023, and 55.8 minutes in average user time spent on the platform.

Here’s a look at some of the ways we’re tapping into TikTok.

TikTok Partnership: Agency Success Program & Workshop​

The TikTok Agency Success Program is designed to educate and enable agencies on how to best leverage TikTok Creator Marketplace to achieve business goals. With dedicated account managers, the team at TikTok is helping to set us up for success for results that matter to clients.

TikTok Agency Success Workshop

Earlier this month, we spent time at TikTok’s NYC Office for its first-ever Agency Success Workshop! It was an afternoon of learning with a presentation from TikTok’s team and creator O’Neil Thomas, followed by brainstorming sessions to discuss events we’re working on, objectives we’d like to achieve and how our agency solves challenges on behalf of clients.

Here are a few learnings we’re able to share for public consumption:


  • Remixing a trend leads to a 4% uplift in view time for ads.
  • Humor drives purchase intent!
  • The #1 best practice for producing quality TikTok content? Mine the For You Page (FYP) for ideas and inspiration.
  • 50% of TikTok users have bought something after watching a TikTok Live.
  • The best-performing ads are strategic in incorporating trends. But be careful on using trends in ads. Nano trends only last a few weeks and often by the time you can develop your ad and get approval internally, the trend is dead. TikTok recommends tapping into mico (that last a few months) or macro trends (could last for a year) in your ads.
  • Having long-term partners in your creators is recommended. That way, they are already researched and vetted, and they know your brand when you’re ready to launch your next campaign and use trends. They “get it” quickly and can create content that lasts for months to come.
  • Don’t make ads, make TikToks!

We’re feeling energized and inspired after a day of learning, and can’t wait to share more.

TikTok Academy​

TikTok’s educational platform TikTok Academy is a curated learning experience designed to educate audiences on how to best utilize the platform for business. Our team has completed courses offered on the educational platform and have highlighted some important lessons that we learned along the way, as part of our integrated partnership with TikTok.


Creators + Community = Engagement
Creators and communities are the foundations of TikTok, as creators are highly trusted by the niche communities that make up the platform. Communities are more invested with creator-driven content rather than brand-driven content, as they say it is more entertaining, more approachable, more informative, and even more on-brand. Not only is there a creator for every brand, but there is also a community for them too.

#CommunityTok is a space for TikTok users and creators with the same interests to visit and share content that pertains to them and their specific niches. TikTok’s #ForYou Page serves TikTok users content that is hyper-relevant to their interests, taking into account user preferences as exhibited through interactions with the app, such as liking or commenting on a post or following an account. That way every time you open the app, CommunityToks that align with how you are, what you love, and how you spend your time are guaranteed.

A creator’s truthfulness and authenticity are what keeps audiences coming back for more. Whether that be for what TV shows they’re watching, what products they’re buying, what brands they’re loving, or what trends are currently inspiring them. Creators can use their content to drive discovery, establish trust, inspire engagement, and fuel an audience’s interest that creates valuable action. According to TikTok, after watching creator advertising, 59% of TikTok users say they would go online, and 54% say they would go in-store to explore a brand or product.

TikTok operations
The more knowledge you have about the advertising policies on TikTok and the more confident you are that the ads you create complement these policies, the less likely you are to risk ad rejections.

Following ad policies is a sure way to improve your advertising experience on the platform and keep your or your partner’s content in line with TikTok’s guidelines and standards. By understanding these policies, you allow your brand to reduce the risk of having ads taken down or breaking community guidelines. It’s imperative that as a brand you are aware of what your creators can and can’t post, and that you closely monitor the policies that are given for each platform you are working on.

Growing your brand identity
TikTok allows you to find new ways to create “tangible brand equity” – seeing your audience recreate your brand message through TikToks. Brands can reflect on their needs and what they have learned from their audiences to then incorporate new tools into future opportunities for creating content.

Your new marketing adventure
Discovery and creativity are what allow brands the ability to break through and find an audience. TikTok gives creators and brands the tools to create content that will reach their target audiences.

TikTok Academy was a great way for us to stay up to date on the ever-changing platform and deepen our TikTok partnership. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for the social platform moving forward, including new tool offerings, advancements in targeting, and what’s next for AI-generated content.

Read more in this case study with Earth’s Ally. After boosting Instagram and TikTok content, the results beat industry benchmarks for both click-through rates and cost per click for both channels.

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