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The Forgotten Beast by Freya Victoria


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Mar 19, 2024
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The Forgotten Beast by Freya Victoria

When Callie finds an old locked chest in her parents’ attic, her mom tells her to not worry about it. That’s a dare to find the key and find out what’s inside, right? Full of old journals, she digs into the chest’s depths and pulls one out.

But when Callie starts to dream about the world in the journal, these dreams feel far too real. The snow is cold. The run from the wolf makes her heart pound. And she can feel the pain of the ropes digging into her wrists when she is taken to the castle under the mountain.

Callie’s life was predictable. She went to college. Got a job. Dated occasionally. Suddenly she finds herself falling for two men, traveling back and forth between her world and the prison world, never knowing which world she will wake up to.

Callie gets trapped in her own world after the beast is shot. She doesn’t know how to get back to the beast. She doesn’t know if he’s okay. She’s terrified he didn’t survive. And where the hell is Mason?

When she finally wakes up again in the prison world, war is on the horizon.

Callie is captured.

She knows the fairy tale story of the men holding her captive, but why are they working together?

Will she be able to do what it takes to save not only herself, but the beast’s kingdom?

This Beauty and the Beast retelling is a slow burn romance. He falls first, and she is the chosen one. It is book one in what will be a series of interconnected fairy tale retellings.

This book includes situations with alcohol, anxiety, assault, blood, cheating, death, decapitation, depression, gore, hospitalisation, hostages, kidnapping, murder, physical abuse, profanity, sexually explicit scenes, torture, violence, war

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Author Bio:​

Freya Victoria is a Texas native that has always wanted to write her own books and has spent countless hours attempting to write, reading books from every genre, and has been reading aloud, with all the character voices, since she was a kid.

While she did not start narrating professionally until Fall 2021, she has been reading books aloud since she was a kid and always wanted to find some way to put the countless hours spent reading the books that she loved into a side gig that would grow her imagination and love for stories. Freya is passionate about all genres but has found a special love for narrating fantasy.

Growing up, Freya always struggled to come up with a storyline that she could develop into a full novel but, in early 2022 she finally found an idea that stuck and got about 30,000 words in before The Forgotten Beast, her debut novel took over her brain.

In April 2022, Freya launched her podcast Freya’s Fairy Tales where she talks to authors about their favorite fairy tales as kids, their journey to writing their novels, and the excitement of holding their very own fairy tale in their hands.

You can find her every day in the recording booth, working on someone’s audiobook, working on more podcast episodes, or sitting on the couch reading and writing. She resides in Texas with her husband and daughter and hopes to one day move into the country where she can not have to edit out the sound of her neighbors mowing their lawn or the trash truck as it drives by!
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