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Sensations of Lugana


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Mar 19, 2024
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To celebrate the first edition of the Wine Media Conference in Italy, in the Lombardy region, the Lugana DOC Consortium elaborated a renewed tasting format that will narrate its wines as it had never done before. The Discovery Session will be held on Saturday October 1st from 3:45 PM to 4:45 PM, there you will have the chance to participate to an unforgettable sensorial tasting experience.

SENSATIONS OF LUGANA – The new narration of Lugana

Turbiana, the indigenous grape variety of Lugana wines, has prominent characteristics: an incredible longevity thanks to its high acidity, and the features that the grape inherited from the terroir, constituted by mineral-rich and clay-dense soils.

Although the production standards provide for the presence of complementary varieties of non aromatic white grapes at a rate of 10%, there is a shared tendency to produce Lugana wines 100% Turbiana based. Thanks to its indigenous, noble, and resilient grape, today Lugana wines can be found in five different styles: the “base” version Lugana, Lugana Superiore, Lugana Riserva, Lugana Vendemmia Tardiva (late harvest) and Lugana Spumante. To explain the importance of the five styles, their narration takes a completely new turn.

During a tasting all the five senses are engaged, some of them more than the others. Sensoriality is the protagonist of the discovery session, and it will be the mean of exploration of the different styles of Lugana wines. As the five senses can surprise and emotion us in unexpected situations, “Sensations of Lugana” will surprise the audience by its original and creative format. The five senses will guide the international audience of wine communicators, in recognizing the intensity, profile and characteristics of the transversal grape variety Turbiana. The versatility of this grape in the five typologies, will stimulate the senses of the audience, in a completely new way. The president of the Consortium of Lugana DOC, Fabio Zenato, will introduce the Lugana denomination and present the speaker of the session. The guide of this sessions is Alberto Ugolini, Wine Educator, Brand Ambassador for some important wineries and, most importantly, consultant in Sensory Analysis for 20 years. His experience and knowledge of sensoriality is well witnessed by his career successes: he had been professor in Sensory Analysis at Viticulture and Enology Faculty in University of Palermo for four years and in four courses of the Master of Sciences of Sensory Analysis organized by University of Piacenza. Alberto’s engaging personality and his experience in describing wine with sensoriality, will be a perfect combination for this new Lugana experience.

“Sensations of Lugana” will be a unique and unrepeatable opportunity to view Lugana from a different perspective. The Consortium of Lugana DOC awaits you this Saturday, October 1st, from 3:45PM to 4:45PM, at the Wine Media Conference 2022.

Something about The Tutelage Consortium of Lugana DOC:

The Lugana Tutelage Consortium has been pro-actively pursuing its mission to assertively monitor, defend and promote Lugana D.O.C. wines ever since it was founded in 1990. As a promoter, the institution also seeks to raise awareness and add value to the Lugana brand by participating to the most important national and international trade fairs, and by organizing events apt to educate and enhance the public’s recognition of the image and quality of Lugana wines.

The Consortium also strives to safeguard Lugana D.O.C. wines from unfair competition practices and market price fluctuations. In this regard, the Consortium has long been campaigning against the adoption of price-slashing tactics that, as tempting and widespread as they may be in the aftermath of the global crisis, effectively undermine and degrade both the quality and image of D.O.C. products.

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