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Ramsay and the Smuggling Ring: A Retired Sleuth and His Dog Historical Cozy Mystery by P. C. James


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Mar 19, 2024
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Ramsay and the Smuggling Ring: A Retired Sleuth and His Dog Historical Cozy Mystery by P. C. James

He’s trying to forget all about crime. But now targeted as a suspect, can he keep from going down for murder?

England, 1964. Retired inspector Tom Ramsay wants to leave the past behind. Hoping to get on with his plans to hike the beauty spots of his homeland, a vacation to North Yorkshire strikes him as just the ticket. Yet while exploring the beach with his young border collie, he’s shocked to discover a decomposing body hidden in a cave.

Happy to put the case in the hands of local police, he’s relieved not to be involved in the ugly matter. But as the small-town rumor mill churns and a grudge-bearing investigator threatens Ramsay with jail, the alarmed retiree dives headfirst into an ocean of secrets, lies, and contraband.

Can this forthright ex-copper clear his name and dredge up the true culprit?

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Author Bio:​

P.C. James is the author of the quietly humorous Miss Riddell Cozy Mysteries, and co-author of the Royal Duchess and Sassy Senior Sleuths cozy mysteries.
He lives near Toronto in Canada with his wife, and they have two grown children and a grandson.
He loves photographing wildlife in the outdoors yet chooses to spend hours every day indoors writing stories, which he also loves. One day, he’ll find a way to do them both together.
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