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Perfect Passion in the News


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Mar 19, 2024
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Alexander McCall Smith’s The Perfect Passion Company is hitting the headlines, including selection by TWO of the leading UK women’s magazines this week as their top pick in new books. The critics have all good things to say (making it the perfect gift for Easter):

  • Woman magazine, lead title in book reviews, ‘This Week’s Hot Read… Another wonderful read from the much-loved author of The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency. We loved it’
  • Woman’s Own, lead title on the Book Club spread: ‘Warm and witty… Katie and her gorgeous (but unavailable) office neighbour William steer clients on the path to love. A read that delves into the fascinating world of matchmaking’
  • Sunday Post, ‘Laced with McCall Smith’s trademark wit and humour
  • The Scotsman, ‘There is, as ever in his work, abundant delight. You can read him with purring pleasure… In his concern for right thought and conduct he is one of the most considerable and satisfying, as well as delightful, novelists working today’
  • LoveReading, ‘An absolutely gorgeous standalone tale from one of the most astute and compassionate observers of humanity… The Perfect Passion Company is oh-so engaging and enjoyable as it explores our human need for love and companionship’
  • Audiofile magazine on the audio edition, ‘Amy Alexander’s Scottish burr and nuanced delivery are perfectwho needs online dating in Edinburgh when the Perfect Passion Company can apply a more tailored and personal approach to making love matches? … [Amy] Alexander increases her volume as a woman gossips with relish. A sternly spoken “drop it” when a friend pushes teasing too far contrasts with the mild-mannered clientele’
  • Booklist,Expect the kind of dialogue you wish you could have more often, keen observations, comic plot twists, and a main character to cheer for’
  • Bookbag, ‘An antidote to depressing news cycles, this is a safe place to sit for a while and read a gentle, charming story… if you are looking for a book that will help you escape real life for a while, then I would definitely recommend this’ FIVE STARS
  • Sixtyplus surfers, ‘If you need cheering up, enjoy a gentle romance, or something uplifting and warm-hearted, then treat yourself to The Perfect Passion Company’

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