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Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary by Rusty Blackwood


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Mar 19, 2024
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Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary by Rusty Blackwood

A forgotten diary, lost for forty years, reveals the story of a rediscovered love nearly lost in 1999 Paris. An unforgettable romance filled with danger, intrigue, and a love without boundaries, Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary tells the story of forbidden love, salacious adultery, cunning jealousy, and unrequited passion.

This complex and stirring story, revolving around star crossed soul mates, Canadian author Joy Wychmere, and Irish actor Cullen Malone, tells how their immeasurable love is put to the test by three vindictive people, the worst, namely Philippe Robealard, a delusional, misguided homosexual artist who is determined to make the unsuspecting actor suffer for stealing the man he loves, until he has paid in full with his life.

Joy and Cully battle through a series of misunderstandings, embarrassment, torture, and injury until Joy is left fighting to survive a direct gunshot, while Cullen is given the choice of consuming a bottle of barbiturates – certain to take his life – or lose Joy forever if he does not. If this is not enough, the trapped couple’s fate grows direr when fire is discovered raging towards them. Endurance and determination is stretched to the limit, asking if love truly can survive all odds, and time.

“Eternal love, finding your true soulmate, and how echoes from past lives can influence the present, this story has it all…” Cat Howard – Cats Eye View

“Enjoyable and exciting, this is a book for people who have romance flowing in their veins.” – Maria Beltran – Readers’ Favorite Books

“Passions in Paris” by Rusty Blackwood explores the anatomy and physicality of an extra marital affair, a love affair that consumes the very soul and mind of the protagonists, Joy Wychmere and Cullen Malone. The book makes you wonder whether soul ties are for real and how love can make people cross social boundaries without thinking. – Dr. Olivia Dsouza – Readers’ Favorite

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Author Bio:​

Contemporary Canadian 5-star-multi-award-winning romance novelist, Rusty Blackwood, has penned 14 titles to date ranging from poetry, children’s short stories, comedy, and romantic fiction drama, for which she is best known. Passions in Paris: Revelations of a Lost Diary is her first major release, published by Rusty Blackwood Books through Amazon’s Createspace Publishing Platform, and released in 2013. This riveting grand scale novel earned a 4-star-rating from Amazon.

Since that time Blackwood has published a number of 5 star titles, beginning with the seductive romantic fiction drama, Willows Walk, which earned Blackwood her first 5-star-rating from Readers’ Favorite Books while still in pre-release. Blackwood has since upheld her her title as a 5-star author with the outstanding 3-part “Autumn series”, consisting of The Perils of Autumn, published in 2019 by Tellwell Talent Publishing, Return to Autumn, published in 2022 by Rusty Blackwood Books, and Return to Autumn 2, published by Rusty Blackwood Books, and released in 2023. Blackwood reveals her flair for adult comedy in her celebrated Derwood Tugbottom Comedy series, with The Misadventure of Derwood Tugbottom, released through Amazon in 2012, Derwood Returns, in 2017, and Derwood Goes Caribbean in 2019. This series, as well as all Blackwood titles, are available on Amazon worldwide.

Blackwood was born in St. Thomas and raised on her paternal grandfather’s farm in rural south-western Ontario. A child of the fifties, a teen in the sixties, and thoroughly seventies adult woman throughout that decade. She moved to the Niagara Region of Ontario in 1985, and onto St. Catharines in 1987. In 1988 she purchased her 1.5 story pebble-dashed cottage, complete with its resident spirit “Jacob”, where she still resides. Blackwood has been married twice, has two handsome sons with lovely wives, three beautiful granddaughters, one strapping grandson, and three energetic, dear great grandsons who hold Blackwood’s heart in their hands. When not at her keyboard, Blackwood enjoys music, modeling, acting, art, dance, nature, animals, especially horses.

Do check out her endless list of reviews for her work on the Book Page at her official website, the link can be obtained below. Fans and followers of her work may contact her at [email protected], and she would love to hear from you.
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