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One Night with a Silver Fox Mafia Boss by Morgan S Bliss


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Mar 19, 2024
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One Night with a Silver Fox Mafia Boss by Morgan S Bliss

He’s the Alpha I can’t resist—a dangerous Silver fox Mafia Boss wrapped in seductive allure.

Adrian, who had put me in several positions within minutes one night, making me melt like ice under his touch, now stands before me as the parent of my most challenging student.

With his chiseled body and deep blue eyes I sat in disbelief, thighs clenched at the meeting.

This grumpy single dad, who won’t take no for an answer, contracts me to be Sophia’s private tutor at his home.

His dominance extends when he also contracts me to a fake marriage to protect his secrets and daughter.

First, my abduction by his rival reveals a dark truth about my own father’s Mafia past.

Also, what I didn’t know was that this vendetta went back generations.

Despite this, all I can think about is Adrian’s touch and the fire it ignites within me. In his presence I’ve found intoxicating love that it feels like coming home.

Yearning for a ticket out of the brutal Mafia life, he’s desperate to carve out a new existence. But will these Mafiosi’s allow it?

I hope he can break free from Mafia life because what he doesn’t know is that I am pregnant with this baby.

On sale for 0.99 until April 26th

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Author Bio:​

Morgan’s stories burst to life on each page with the thrill adventures and the flavour of different cultures. Every turn she takes offers up a chance for an adrenaline-packed adventure. Of course, that kind of lively writing requires her favourite indulgence, a great cup of coffee. When Morgan is not spinning tales of romance, she takes pleasure in time spent with her husband and family and dreams of delectable restaurants and travel to beautiful destinations. Step inside Morgan S. Bliss’s steamy romance novels—where love is entwined with peril, and every book a promise of an exhilarating HEA ride.
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