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Mr Perkins takes Charge by Suzanne Stephenson


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Mar 19, 2024
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Mr Perkins takes Charge by Suzanne Stephenson

This is a very different story about a cat. One day Mr Perkins strolls into a lawyers office out of nowhere .Is he just a stray or a magical cat, who can make changes to the lives of people he meets at the law offices? The antics of Mr Perkins will amuse and sometimes mystify you. This is a Retiredstory for anyone who likes cats ,or a story for those who work in an office and think “what if”. Come and meet a very superior cat who may just bring a bit of sunshine to your life.

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Author Bio:​

Retired from the Bench where I had a long career sitting on family and civil cases, I live in rural Eastern England surrounded by animals. These days I write books (fiction) frequently about animals and often about lawyers and judges. I love drawing and sketching too and share my husband’s interest in steam railway preservation.
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