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Mimsy Cum Laude by Don Blossom


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Mar 19, 2024
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About Featured Book: Mimsy Cum Laude by Don Blossom

Don Blossom’s book Mimsy is a beautiful memoir of a man who fell in love with a beautiful intelligent and intriguing girl in his early college years, Mimsy. It is a relationship that formed him like ones do at that age. This new love and connection with Mimsy is profoundly important to him and to her and it influences who he was and how he is today. So profound their connection that after they literally lose one another, the memory of her stays with him his entire life. Don, currently has a beautiful wife, career and family but throughout his life he wondered and wandered through his historical memories to find answers to what and who this young love of his became. She was a strong influence for Don and yet because of circumstances and life opportunities they missed a connection that would forever change the trajectory of their lives. They both missed or misunderstood a meeting that if it had happened would they have a different life today and would that life have been together? They didn’t meet and they never saw one another again It is a heartbreaking story because it is so real and palatable when Don recounts his loss. It is a love story of heartbreak but also a life story of mishap and miscommunication that changed everything for the two of them.

This Romance book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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