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Memory Loss by Bob Price


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Mar 19, 2024
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Memory Loss by Bob Price

Wiping an individual’s memories back to birth was intended to make Investigative journalist Vernon Bass incapable of recalling why he had been investigating a high profile business baron. It worked. Leaving him in another country to die. Didn’t.
Returned to the UK as an adult forced to relearn his native tongue should have taken longer, but Bass was older than any other victim and memories stored other than in his brain helped bring back his early years. With just the last five years out of reach he agreed to be a guinea pig for a group of doctors with a machine designed for communication with an individual’s soul. The theory by doing so he might recover all lost memories.
However, meeting his soul took him on another journey. A journey no one especially Bass, could ever have imagined.

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A researcher of parapsychology, supernaturalism and the psychological origin of supernatural thinking. The study of the supernatural delves into the mysterious, unexplained, and beyond-the-ordinary aspects of our world. Whether through psychology, parapsychology, or cultural beliefs, we are all fascinated by the inexplicable
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