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Lovers To Die For by Peyton Stone


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Mar 19, 2024
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Lovers To Die For by Peyton Stone

A serial killer’s obsession. A woman’s dark secrets.

In the shadows of a peaceful island, a serial killer leaves behind a trail of bodies that strike a close resemblance to the local antique shop owner.

Left on each victim’s body is a knife-pierced note, the initials L.H., and haunting song lyrics that point to a connection only one person can decipher.

Guided by her intuitive telepathic cat and supported by her fiancé, Lola Hutchinson must delve into the darkest corners of her own past to uncover the truth behind the killer’s twisted obsession.

Confronting long-buried secrets and deciphering the psychopath’s clues wasn’t on her wedding planning list.

In this gripping cozy mystery, one woman’s determination to stop a ruthless killer will push her to the brink, testing the strength of her resolve and the power of the bond she shares with her extraordinary cat.

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Author Bio:​

A lover of cozy mystery books ever since she was eight years old, Peyton has been captivated by the magic of storytelling and the thrill of crafting compelling mysteries.

Peyton invites readers into a world of suspense, intrigue, and unforgettable animal characters with each page she writes. Her stories are perfect for curling up on a rainy day or ignoring work with a steamy cup of coffee, or enjoying with a cup of tea before bed.
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