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Love, Taylor Made by DW Davis


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Mar 19, 2024
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Love, Taylor Made by DW Davis

Ren left North Carolina to live with his aunt and uncle in New Hampshire to escape a dysfunctional blended family. Now a college freshman, he must learn to deal with the coed life and the drama it brings. Like so many young men his age, his decisions about love are often made in haste and just as often lead him into a quagmire of second-guessing and regret. Of the three girls he meets, one puts him firmly in the friend zone, one is in love with the idea of being in love with him, and one truly cares. But how is he to know who his heart truly longs for?

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Author Bio:​

My writing reflects my memories growing up along the North Carolina coast near Wrightsville and Carolina Beaches. I left that area when I graduated high school and traveled half-way around the world and back collecting memories and experiences which help shape my characters. Now back in eastern North Carolina, I enjoy bringing to life characters whose adventures take place in my favorite part of the world.
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