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Kachina by J. R. Rada


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Mar 19, 2024
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Kachina by J. R. Rada

Remembering 5 missing weeks can save one world and doom another.

The Dark Gods have arisen, and the man who knows how to stop them can’t remember how.
David Purcell was on his way to meet his girlfriend when he fell into a cave. He awakens in a hospital where he learns that he’s been missing for five weeks. David has no memory of his time in the cave. He is also mysteriously free of any signs of starvation, injury or cave blindness.

Adam Maho is an elderly Hopi who has seen visions of Kuskurza, the Third World of Hopi creation stories. It is a world that is supposed to have been destroyed when the Hopi came to this world through a hole in the ground. Adam’s visions show him that those ancient evils that had been long-believed dead were imprisoned and not destroyed.

Their prison is weakening, though. When it fails, the dark kachinas will be free once again to bring death and devastation to the world. Adam’s visions also show the Hopi that David is somehow the key to keeping the dark kachinas imprisoned.

The dark kachinas realize this as well and have sent two of their servants, men of the Bow Clan, to the surface on a suicide mission to kill David Purcell.

David is unsure of what to believe. He has flashes of memory from his time in the caverns, but he can’t go so far as to believe what Adam tries to explain to him. That is until the Bow Clan attacks him and kills his girlfriend.

When David becomes a suspect in the murder, he flees to the Hopi settlement of Oraibi. The Bow Clan is not finished with David. They pursue him and capture Adam’s granddaughter, though David escapes them.

He turns the tables on the Bow Clan and decides to take the fight to them as he remembers more of his time in the caverns. He makes the journey to Kuskurza on a rescue mission and to try and find a way to stop the dark kachinas.

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Author Bio:​

J. R. Rada is a pen name for Jim Rada. Jim is an award-winning writer who best known for his history and historical books. J. R. Rada is the pen name he uses for his young adult and fantasy works.

He lives in Gettysburg, Pa., where he works as a freelance writer. Jim has received numerous awards from the Maryland-Delaware-DC Press Association, Associated Press, Maryland State Teachers Association and Community Newspapers Holdings, Inc. for his newspaper writing.
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