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Instant Pot Barley


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Mar 19, 2024
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Instant Pot Barley

Cooking barley (pearl or hulled) in an instant pot or pressure cooker is the fastest, easiest way to cook this heart-healthy grain to fluffy perfection in only 20 minutes! Use cooked barley as you would rice or oatmeal- in salads, for breakfast, and all kinds of recipes.

Barley is a nutty, earthy grain with a wonderful flavor and chewy texture that’s really inexpensive. It’s packed full of soluble fiber and nutrients, making it a heart healthy grain. It’s kind of an in-between of oats and rice – more versatile and less slimy/mushy than oats, and more hearty and nutritious than rice.

I love using barley to make all kinds of things, but one drawback is that it takes a long time to cook. Enter: the Instant Pot!

Barley can take up to an hour to cook on the stovetop. But if you use a pressure cooker, it will only take 20-25 minutes of completely hands-off time (plus the time it takes to come to pressure). No stirring, just the instant pot working its magic while you live your life.

You can make a batch of barley and store it in your fridge for a few days, using it throughout the week in recipes that are very quick if you already have the barley cooked.

...GET THE RECIPE for Instant Pot Barley!
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