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Influencer Marketing Resources: February 2024


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Mar 19, 2024
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Trends in social media: The Motherhood scours the headlines so you don’t have to. Check back throughout the month for more!

Influencer Marketing Industry Resources

Why even CEOs should be influencers – February 25, 2024

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely interested in gaining more visibility. Whether you’re looking to bring in more leads, be seen as a thought leader in your field or, well, “influence” people, I am sorry to break it to you, but you may be an influencer. Or perhaps a wannabe influencer. When I started posting videos regularly to grow my on-camera video-coaching business, a friend said to me, “Are you trying to be an influencer?” I could feel my blood boil; I was greatly offended. But I lowered my temperature and reconsidered. I am trying to influence people. I want to influence them to communicate better, to make creative content, to help them be more visible, and land more sales and leads through content.

Forget flashy campaigns: The L.L.Bean Boat and Tote markets itself – February 22, 2024

When influencer Emily Mariko announced she was selling $120 tote bags, some people said they were inspired to reach for their wallets—and purchase another bag entirely. The L.L.Bean Boat and Tote, which is handmade in the US and retails for up to $45, emerged as a clear favorite based on videos suggesting alternative bags that consumers could purchase at a fraction of the price. Amanda Hannah, head of external communications and brand engagement at L.L.Bean, told us that the brand has seen a 35% spike in sales of the tote since January.

Instagram Reigns Supreme With Influencers, but TikTok Gains Ground – February 21, 2024

According to the study, 62% of brands and agencies named Instagram as the most important social media platform. In the ever-evolving world of influencer marketing, the battle of social media platforms continues. Recent research from CreatorIQ highlights the ongoing dominance of Instagram as the go-to platform for influencer marketing, while shedding light on TikTok’s growing influence in this dynamic landscape.

5 Creator Marketing Trends Set To Take Off In 2024 – February 21, 2024

The creator economy is thriving, proving its worth to brands worldwide. According to Sprout Social, U.S. brands will invest $7.14 billion in influencer marketing this year. It’s undeniable we are in the golden age of creator marketing. Whether you’re a brand manager, marketer, or creator, here are five pivotal trends shaping this year’s landscape.

5 Vital Influencer Marketing Metrics You Should Know – February 21, 2024

Influencer marketing has been characterized as the fastest-growing form of the modern generation of advertising. The Statista report of last year showed that the influencer marketing industry was worth just $1.7 billion in 2016. It hit $16.4 billion in 2022 and is expected to increase by another $5 billion this year. This exponential growth demonstrates the health of the entire industry.

Choosing The Right Influencer Agency: 5 Key Questions To Ask – February 20, 2024

The rise of influencer marketing has been nothing short of a revolution. Influencers are now much more than just social media celebrities—they’ve become pivotal connectors between brands and consumers. With this boom comes a challenge familiar to many businesses: the overwhelming number of influencer agencies and platforms, each claiming to offer the right brand solution. Finding that perfect match in such a crowded field may feel daunting, to say the least.

Female creators and UGC content dominate the influencer marketing industry, new report finds – February 16, 2024

Despite calls for de-influencing and digital detoxes, the social media hamster wheel shows no signs of slowing. For creators who make their money online, that’s a good thing, and insights from influencer marketing marketplace Collabstr shed light on how the creator economy could continue to provide job security for creatives in the years to come.

Relatable Influencers Are The Key To Successful Influencer Marketing – February 15, 2024

Posts, vlogs and blogs give followers a window into the lives of creators. From spilling the juicy details of their relationships over their morning matcha, to canvassing the internet for parental advice, the more an influencer shares the more their audience feels like they know the person on the other side of the phone screen. Thus, a parasocial relationship is formed. Despite what stage an influencer is at in their social media career, their ability to be vulnerable about the ins and outs of their lives helps them connect with their followers and establish trust. Relatability is the secret sauce that makes an influencer feel like a friend. In fact, according to LTK, nearly 75% of consumers watch creator videos because of the creators’ ability to authentically and meaningfully convey the product and brand value through their personal everyday life stories.

In a booming influencer economy, creators seek standardization for payment terms – February 15, 2024

The creator economy is booming. And as creators have become a marketing must-have, they say they’re increasingly pushing for reasonable payment terms, asking for deposits, enacting late fees and employing other tactics to get their fair share of said boom. Last year, both agency clients and brands reported that they were investing more in influencer marketing than they were in 2022, according to Digiday research. The influencer/creator economy is currently worth $250 billion and it’s expected to nearly double to $480 billion by 2027, according to Goldman Sachs estimates.

6 reasons why influencer marketing will never be the same – February 12, 2024

With a new emphasis on authenticity stemming from the advent of artificial intelligence and deep fake technology (thank you Taylor Swift!), 2024 might be the year that Influencer Marketing is forced to change shape, evolving from a “show metrics” tactic to a better way to foster real, meaningful, human connections.

The benefits of influencer marketing (+ what the C-Suite cares about) – February 12, 2024

When it comes to influencer marketing, C-suite execs want more than just good engagement. They expect a positive return on investment (ROI), incremental growth contributions and strategic alignment. While the impact of influencers in shaping consumer behavior is undeniable, translating it into benefits that resonate with the top brass is key to getting the budgets you need for your influencer program.

The Most Popular Ads, Celebrities, and Reactions: Super Bowl LVIII in Numbers – February 12, 2024

In the longest Super Bowl in history, the Chiefs overcame the 49ers to win their third “big game”. But who else has reason to celebrate? We looked at social data to see all the winners from this year’s Super Bowl. Read on for the most mentioned brands, celebrities, and reactions online. Note on methodology: All data was collected from 3:30pm PST to 8pm PST, which is roughly the time frame of Super Bowl LVIII. All data comes from public social posts, blogs, forums, and online news mentioning the Super Bowl.

What It Takes to Be a Successful Social-Media Influencer – February 12, 2024

Ally and Ricardo Noriega have turned her former part-time hobby into a full-time enterprise. It’s pretty lucrative—and a lot of work. An algorithm change is just one of the risks social-media influencers grapple with. “It’s a bit like the Wild West, the world of influencer marketing.

How agencies are investing in influencers this Super Bowl – February 9, 2024

With this weekend’s Super Bowl expected to cost some $7 million for a 30-second ad, agencies are turning to influencer marketing and commerce strategies to maximize their dollars. Some influencer agencies are beefing up their new offerings leading up to the Big Game, while others are trying to strike a balance between household Hollywood names and emerging influencers in their content. Either way, influencers and retail media are playing a growing role in social media feeds during massive live events like the Super Bowl.

Becoming An Affiliate Marketer: Can You Hack It? – February 9, 2024

Over 15% of people doing affiliate marketing bring in over $50,000 annually in affiliate income. That $50,000+ is passive income—a steady stream of money that takes minimal effort.

Five Ways Luxury Lifestyle And Medical Professionals Can Build Personal Brands Using Influencer Marketing – February 9, 2024

Whether you’re sculpting faces as a plastic surgeon, crafting flawless aesthetics as a premier dermatologist or medspa provider, or curating living spaces as an interior designer, the key to unlocking new heights for your brand and practice could lie in harnessing influencer marketing.

19 Ways To Identify Influencers For Maximum Marketing Impact – February 9, 2024

Influencers have become pivotal in shaping consumer perceptions and driving brand awareness. Identifying the right influencer for your business can significantly amplify your marketing efforts through extended reach and increased engagement. However, finding the perfect match requires a strategic approach and a keen understanding of your target audience.


As it seeks to drive a long lifetime of loyalty, Claire’s is starting young. The trendy retail chain is introducing a new push called The Collab, a select group of seven Gen Alpha and Gen Z influencers ranging in age from 7 to 20 who will work with the brand on advertising and product development.

How to get the most out of working with creators and influencers – February 8, 2024

While influencers bring authenticity and engaged audiences to partnerships, to create the best campaigns, brands need to uphold their side of influencer marketing relationships. “Affiliate creators want and desire deeper or more lasting, sustainable partnerships with brands,” Mike Balducci, general manager of affiliate, ecommerce, and payment solutions at CreatorIQ, said during a CreatorIQ and Ipsos webinar last week. “That’s actually really great news for brands because long-term partnerships, as we know, deliver a much better result over time.”

How Olipop helped popularize the ‘sleepy girl mocktail’ – February 6, 2024

The “sleepy girl mocktail” is having a moment. A little over a year ago, TikToker @caleeshea posted a recipe for a mocktail meant to encourage a better night’s sleep, consisting of tart cherry juice and the Lemon Ginger flavor of prebiotic soda Olipop. The “sleepy girl mocktail,” as it’s now known, has seen a recent resurgence, with some credit given to another TikToker, Gracie Norton, who went viral for her version of the drink.

17 Key Influencer Marketing Statistics to Fuel Your Strategy – February 6, 2024

Influencer marketing, which involves a collaboration between brands and influencers, is a powerful approach that can help companies grow. It’s a marketing strategy that has been successfully used by thousands of businesses and brands and has experienced continued growth over the past decade.

The Earned Media Model Has Changed: How Brand Leaders Can Work Smoothly With Influencers – February 6, 2024

A few decades ago, the earned media landscape was relatively straightforward for PR and business leaders to navigate. Many newspapers and magazines had full-time staff members entrenched in the communities they covered. PR and business leaders looking to secure press coverage for their brands knew the “who’s who” of media—and were able to cultivate long-lasting relationships with them.

Influencer Marketing Trends To Watch In 2024 – February 5, 2024

Brand interest in sponsored content, as opposed to traditional social ads, continues to rise and create opportunities for influencer partnerships, with 92% of brands intending to increase their influencer marketing investment this year.

Will AI-generated PR content dominate in 2024? – February 5, 2024

We’ll get on to fake news and AI later, of course. But first, it’s worth noting that expert- and human-led content is still becoming increasingly salient in PR. Leveraging expert commentary and real-life stories is a key strategy for generating effective media coverage across diverse sectors in 2024. So is staying reactive to the news agenda.

New Report Shows That 96% Of Online Creators Make Less Than $100K per Year – February 3, 2024

The creator economy has been a much discussed phenomenon of the modern interactive landscape, with the implication being that there are now more ways than ever for people to make money online, simply by following their passions, uploading their content, and building a community of fans, who’ll then pay them for their efforts. Which sounds amazing in theory, but the reality is that the creator “economy” is actually far from being economic for the vast majority of people.

Sick of Influencers? Deinfluencers Offer a Minimalist Alternative – February 2, 2024

Walls of Stanley cups. Cabinets overflowing with skin-care products. Closets bursting with fast-fashion hoodies. We live in a society of overconsumption. Just a decade ago, consumers’ habits were swayed by celebrities, by fashion magazines, and by friends and family. Now, however, we are influenced by influencers, social media moguls looking to make bank promoting products they may or may not use and love. But in the last year, a new social media personality has arisen: the deinfluencer. Deinfluencers promote less purchasing, more honest (i.e., often negative) product reviews, and a more minimalist approach to life. Others favor a “buy this, not that” approach or suggest dupes for pricey brand-name products.

Blockchain Influencers: Navigating The Creator Economy Within Web3 – February 2, 2024

The next generation of the internet is here. Web3 is a digital environment of blockchain networks and decentralized protocols that empower users, giving them control of their digital identities, data and interactions. Within the rapidly growing space of Web3, a compelling new trend has emerged: The Web3 creator economy. Spearheading this movement are crypto influencers on Web3-native applications, traditional social media and hybrid platforms.

What Communicators Can Learn From Gen Z’s Influencer Playbook – February 1, 2024

Walk into nearly any store, and you’ll hear a new narrative unfolding in the aisles: “TikTok made me buy it.” Influencer buzz is revolutionizing retail sales and consumer choices, eclipsing even the most persuasive in-store recommendations and casual browsing. The phrase echoes the traditional power of word of mouth recommendations. And it is only magnified by the digital reach of Gen Z influencers like Alix Earle and Tony Polcari. The shift toward digital-driven word of mouth signifies a transformative moment for communication strategies and illustrates how the principles of trust and personal recommendation have evolved in the social media era.

What you need to know about the latest influencer marketing legislation – February 1, 2024

As global regulators crack down on the influencer industry, it becomes even more essential for marketers to stay up-to-date with the rules.

Five Ways To Level Up Your Influencer Marketing In 2024 – January 31, 2024

Influencer marketing has become a central pillar of every marketer’s toolkit over the past few years. However, as more brands jump on the trend, consumers have become increasingly skeptical about influencers promoting products.

TikTok influencers far outperform Instagram for affiliate engagement – January 30, 2024

The news: TikTok is still the king of short-form video when it comes to affiliate link engagement. Influencers on TikTok had a 5.2% engagement rate on affiliate links in 2023, per our Industry KPIs data from Captiv8. That’s more than twice as much as influencers on Instagram (2.0%) and 20 times more than YouTube (0.2%). TikTok on top: Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts have both emerged to grasp at the short-form pioneer’s throne, but both platforms have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to influencer marketing.


Google Launches Next-Level AI System, Renames Bard to Gemini – February 8, 2024

I mean, really, “Bard” was a pretty crappy name anyway. Today, Google has announced the launch of its next generation AI chatbot tool, while it’s also renaming “Bard” to “Gemini”, which is also the name of its AI language model that powers the system.

Meta Outlines New Approaches to Generative AI Transparency – February 6, 2024

With the use of generative AI on the rise, Meta’s working to establish new rules around AI disclosure in its apps, which will not only put more onus on users to declare the use of AI in their content, but also, ideally, implement new systems to detect AI usage, via technical means.

Healthcare Marketing

AI and Healthcare Marketing – February 14, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful force in the rapidly changing industrial landscape, bringing revolutionary advances to several industries, including healthcare. AI appears as a potent stimulant in the field of healthcare marketing, offering a multitude of chances for businesses to improve their approaches and build stronger relationships with their intended audience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize healthcare marketing by providing campaigns with a personalized touch, identifying potential customers, and accurately delivering messaging based on individual needs.


AI and Healthcare Marketing – February 14, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a powerful force in the rapidly changing industrial landscape, bringing revolutionary advances to several industries, including healthcare. AI appears as a potent stimulant in the field of healthcare marketing, offering a multitude of chances for businesses to improve their approaches and build stronger relationships with their intended audience. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to revolutionize healthcare marketing by providing campaigns with a personalized touch, identifying potential customers, and accurately delivering messaging based on individual needs.

Social News

TikTok Shares Insights Into Effective App Marketing Approaches – February 25, 2024

TikTok has published a new guide to app marketing on the platform, with new insights from measurement and analytics provider Adjust which underline how to create effective app promotions. The guide is based on insights from the Middle East and North African regions, though many of the notes are universal, and will apply to all app marketers. You can download TikTok’s full overview here (available in three regional variants), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights.

Meta Expands Access to Instagram’s Creator Marketplace – February 22, 2024

Meta has announced that it’s finally expanding access to its Creator Marketplace tool, which will give more businesses the capacity to search for creators to work with on their Instagram campaigns.

New Report Looks at TikTok Usage Behaviors in the US – February 22, 2024

Pew Research has shared some new data on TikTok usage in the U.S., and how Americans are interacting with the Chinese-owned app. Though there are some provisos to consider in this dataset. The insights are based on survey responses from 2,745 U.S. adult TikTok users, as well as usage data from 869 people who “volunteered to share their account handle for research purposes”.

Snapchat Shares Data on the Key Drivers of Effective Brand/Creator Partnerships – February 22, 2024

Snapchat has published a new report which looks at consumer sentiment around creator content, and how people respond to paid partnerships and promotions within the app. In partnership with media intelligence agency MAGNA, Snap’s report is based on a survey of 5,000 active Snapchat users across five markets (U.S., U.K., Saudi Arabia, France, and Australia), and provides some interesting considerations around the perception of brand/influencer partnerships.

TikTok Provides Creative Strategy Tips in New Guide – February 19, 2024

TikTok has published a new 34-page guide on TikTok marketing strategy, which it claims will provide “a roadmap to creative success, highlighting the solutions to help you build impact-driving video content with ease.” You can download the full guide here (with email sign-up), but in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the highlights. TikTok’s new guide is split into three segments to guide your approach, and optimize your strategy.

Report Finds X May Be Inflating Its Ad Performance Results – February 16, 2024

There’s an anomaly in X’s web traffic data that’s been hurting my head in recent months. As per data from SEMRush, which measures referral traffic from Google, X saw a very sudden, and massive increase in web referrals in April last year.

Meta’s Looking To Reduce the Reach of Political Content – But What Does That Actually Mean? – February 15, 2024

While Meta’s looking to move away from political content, in favor of more entertaining, less divisive interaction in its apps, a key question now is what that actually means in practical terms, and how Meta’s going to define what is and isn’t “political” in this respect.

TikTok Outlines Preparations for Upcoming Elections Across Europe – February 14, 2024

TikTok is preparing for the next wave of elections across Europe, with a new commitment to staffing local language election centers for each of the 27 individual EU member states, which will include dedicated, vetted local voting info in the app.

Reddit Publishes Report Into How the Platform Is Influencing Purchase Decisions – February 8, 2024

Reddit has published a new guide which looks at how consumers are increasingly relying on real people’s opinions and recommendations, via Reddit, in order to better inform their buying choices. The 21-page guide is based on analysis of “millions of posts, comments, and threads, across thousands of subreddit communities”, along with a survey of 11,000 Reddit users, in order to highlight how more and more people are turning to subreddit insights to get real world experience notes, across virtually every product category.

Tiktok’s Testing a New Way To Facilitate Engagement Between Creators and Paying Subscribers – February 7, 2024

TikTok’s testing a new live engagement element called “Sub Space”, which is a subscriber only, chat-like addition that’ll ideally help to incentivize more sign-ups, by giving paying subscribers dedicated focus in live chats.

Instagram Tests New Option to Preview Feed Post Placement Before Publishing – February 4, 2024

Instagram is currently testing a new option with some users that enables you to view how your feed posts will look on your profile grid before you publish, so you can ensure that each update fits into your overall IG aesthetic.

Snapchat’s New Ad Campaign Pitches It as ‘Antidote to Social Media’ – February 2, 2024

Snapchat has launched a new promotional campaign, in which it seeks to present its platform as the anti-social media, in order to distance itself from the many issues being experienced within other apps, while also leaning into evolving online engagement trends.

Social Media CEOs Face Tough Questions Over Child Protection in US Senate – January 31, 2024

The CEOs of Snap, Meta, X, and TikTok all appeared before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee today to discuss their respective efforts to combat child exploitation content in their apps. They also answered questions in regards to their ongoing development of new initiatives to better protect young users and a few Senators did not hold back in their criticism of the platforms.

TikTok Is Encouraging Some Creators to Post Videos in Landscape Format – January 29

Could TikTok be looking to get creators more aligned with the horizontal display format? The platform that popularized full-screen vertical videos is now seemingly pushing some creators towards horizontally shot content instead, according to screenshots posted by some users.

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