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How to Switch to Black Coffee


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Mar 19, 2024
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How to Switch to Black Coffee

If you’re wondering how to switch to black coffee, look no further! It can be an adjustment giving up cream or milk and sugar in your morning coffee, but drinking coffee black is a healthy change that’s easy to make. After about a week, you won’t even WANT the cream and sugar! Here’s how to make the BEST black coffee that you’ll actually want to drink.

I used to LOVE my coffee extra sweet and extra creamy. I’d load up on half and half (even milk wouldn’t cut it!) and add at LEAST a tablespoon of sugar to each mugful of coffee. My order at Dunkin’ Donuts would include extra extra cream and sugar. Yes, that’s two extras.

But now? Now I crave ONLY black coffee in the mornings. I’ve trained my body to want pure, unadulterated coffee.

Does that mean I don’t indulge every now and then? Absolutely not. I love making iced vanilla lattes and cold brew coffee with milk and honey. But in the mornings, black coffee is my jam.

Why is switching to black coffee healthy?

If you have one cup of coffee per day with a tablespoon of sugar in each, that’s almost 23 cups of sugar per year.

...GET THE RECIPE for How to Switch to Black Coffee!
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