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How to Cut a Chiffonade of Basil (or mint, spinach, etc.)


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Mar 19, 2024
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How to Cut a Chiffonade of Basil (or mint, spinach, etc.)

The BEST way to cut basil is to chiffonade it! Once you know how EASY it is to cut a chiffonade of basil, you’ll never go back to regular chopping. Use a chiffonade of basil to garnish pasta, caprese salad, pizza, and more!

When a recipe calls for a “chiffonade of basil,” it’s easy to think it’s too complicated and not to bother. But I want you to know: it’s NOT as fancy as it sounds, it’s SUPER easy (easier than regular chopping!), and will make a simple recipe feel beautiful and fancy!

You can use the chiffonade (pronounced two ways: shif-uh–neyd, or shif-uh-nahd, meaning “little ribbons” in French) technique for other herbs, as well as leafy greens or other ingredients.

In this post, I’ll explain exactly HOW to cut a chiffonade of basil in SECONDS, why chiffonade works so well for basil, what other herbs and ingredients you can use the cutting technique for, and give you some recipe recommendations that would be great with chiffonade-cut basil!

...GET THE RECIPE for How to Cut a Chiffonade of Basil (or mint, spinach, etc.)!
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