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Hotel Acquaviva del Garda is proud to host The Wine Media Conference 2022


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Mar 19, 2024
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Hotel Acquaviva del Garda is proud to be selected as the host hotel for the 14th Wine Media Conference that will take place in September 2022.
The hotel, open all year round, with its modern and design-oriented details, overlooks the shores of the lake. Its large park, a SPA with swimming pools, emotional showers, wellness treatments and private garden with hydro-massages by the lake provide unforgettable moments of relaxation and breathtaking natural views of the lake.

The cuisine offers dishes inspired by the territory and Italian cuisine, revisited and reworked with imagination by the Chef, all the details are designed with the pleasure and wellness of guests in mind. The wine selection is impeccable, it lists both local labels and important organic alternatives to enrich and best accompany the gastronomic experience. In addition to cultural and seaside tourism, this area is known for the excellence and high quality of its wine products. The microclimate, influenced by the lake’s temperate breezes, creates a “climatic cradle” that is perfect for enhancing the peculiarities of the grapes. This is how fine and world-famous wines such as Lugana, Valpolicella and Franciacorta are born.

The hotel is the ideal location to offer its guest an immersion into pure wellness and into the Italian heritage culture of wine, with personalized and guided tasting of the vineyards located nearby the hotel. The guests will have the chance to taste local wines and some local delicacies, such as a selection of Lake Garda olive oil. The experiences include a walk through the magic vineyard of Lugana Doc where the guests will learn the meticulous attention given to the grape harvest, a Tour of the Cellar including the visit to the Spumante (sparkling wine) winery, where the
famous Brut "bubbles" is created and to the “Barricaia” a sanctuary where the wine matures and refines, ready to be tasted.

In conclusion, Hotel Acquaviva del Garda and the whole Lombardy region are honored to host such and important Conference regarding one of the excellence and high quality products in the Italian heritage.

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