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Home Cries the Soul by Leah Dawkins


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Mar 19, 2024
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Home Cries the Soul by Leah Dawkins

The author’s debut adult fiction novel is the first book in the Beauregard Family series about family ties, long- buried secrets, dead bodies, scandal, and one woman’s journey from discarded to redeemed.

Laura Lynne, youngest daughter of the Beauregard family, receives a call from her uncle. He is in jail for murder. Laura Lynne’s adult life has involved a divorce, remarriage, blended family, move, and career change. She has become a confident and successful woman in her new life. But one call and she feels like a teenager back in Mississippi being cast out of her parents’ home and privileged life for circumstances beyond her control. She has not returned to the family farm, Tea Olive Plantation, since 1985.

Skeletal remains have been unearthed, and along with them secrets and demons, demons that Laura Lynne has kept hidden well and has no desire to unleash. Faced with family obligations and her past, Laura Lynne returns to Venice, Mississippi. Here she rekindles relationships with her best friend, Grace, and her high school English teacher, Mary. Laura Lynne discovers a pattern of missing girls, stories all too similar to her own that fateful summer of her sophomore year. While she works to hold on to the amazing life she has created, she knows she must confront the evil that has haunted her for decades and bring to justice the man who is still actively pursuing other victims.

What she discovers is chilling and freeing.

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Author Bio:​

Leah Dawkins, RN, BSN, MHA and Author. After working as a nurse leader for 30+ years, Leah took a pilgrimage on El Camino Primitivo, hiking across Northern Spain with two friends. This profound and holy experience reinforced her belief in following her dream of writing a book. Finding snippets of time to write for the next two years while working full time, Leah crafted her first adult fiction novel. When not writing or working as a nurse, Leah is a yogi and yoga instructor, vegetarian, lover of sweet tea and Jesus, and all things southern, including Dukes Mayonnaise. Leah and her husband, Tim live in small town South Carolina with their chickens and a stray cat named Atticus.
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