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Heal Gorgeous: Wisdom Within You Knows The Way by Denise Turney


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Mar 19, 2024
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Heal Gorgeous: Wisdom Within You Knows The Way by Denise Turney

Looking to get more out of life? If you’re ready to look within yourself and take a healing journey, Heal Gorgeous: Wisdom Within You Knows the Way may be a book you’ll be happy you discovered.

Heal Gorgeous: Wisdom Within You Knows the Way is a book of beautiful poetic writings designed to promote inner healing with a focus on inner wisdom, self-awareness, patience and love. Focal areas of this delightful book include the art of listening, freeing up your real power, escaping middle ground, trusting the life process, investing in what you love and preparing for success.

Short story snippets, motivational writings and probing questions fill the pages of this book. Some readers may consider the writings inspirational, others empowering. The book can be read alone or in a group, igniting value conversation.

More than a traditional self-help and self-love book, Heal Gorgeous: Wisdom Within You Knows the Way can be read within two hours, yet the book aims to have a lasting, positive impact on its readers. Wherever you are in your journey, writings in this book aim to help you continue to heal, awaken and soar. May yours be an amazing, blessed journey.

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Author Bio:​

Denise Turney is a professional speaker and writer who brings over 40 years of book, newspaper, magazine, radio and business speaking and writing to a project. She has been listed in various entertainment and business directories, including industry leaders such as Who’s Who, 100 Most Admired African American Women and Crosswalk. Denise Turney’s works have appeared in Parade, Essence, Ebony, Madame Noire, We The People, The Trenton Times, The Pittsburgh Quarterly and Obsidian II.

This talented speaker/writer is the author of the books: Portia, Long Walk Up, Spiral, Love Has Many Faces, Rosetta The Talent Show Queen, Rosetta’s New Action Adventure, Awaken Blessings of Inner Love, Pathways To Tremendous Success, Love As A Way Of Life, Gada’s Glory, Love Pour Over Me, Love As a Way Of Life, Appointment Book Planner for Creative Entrepreneurs, Book Marketing That Drives Up Book Sales and Escaping Toward Freedom.
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