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Gedra Gets A Man: An Erotic Fantasy Adventure by Laura Pruett


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Mar 19, 2024
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Gedra Gets A Man: An Erotic Fantasy Adventure by Laura Pruett

In a hilarious and steamy quest to save humanity, meet Gedra, a determined heroine who’s not afraid to mix business with pleasure. She’s on a mission to create the ultimate species by collecting the seed of five supernatural studs: a vampire, demon, fairy, alien, and werewolf. But can she survive this wild ride of seduction and suspense long enough to save the world?

**Be forewarned: This one starts off hot!

This book is available via Kindle Vella, so the first 10 episodes are free to read! If you like what you see, each episode thereafter costs only 10 tokens per episode. So check it out, and be sure to leave comments on each episode to let everyone know what you think!

Buy the book, and follow the author on social media:​

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Author Bio:​

Laura Pruett began her writing career at the ripe age of approximately three years old by signing her name in her books. She soon advanced to writing random words on doors and, eventually, kindergarten stories about a Santa Claus she had never been taught existed (this time, on normal notebook paper).

By the time she finally entered college classes, she would answer the introductory “If you could do any career that you wanted, what would it be?” question with, “I would like to edit dictionaries.” That said, although she minored in English, she majored in psychology, a degree which she obtained in 2003.

Years later, in 2011, she began working as a freelance writer and editor on a site once called Elance (now Upwork). Because she preferred editing to writing, she soon eliminated the writing portion from her offered services and focused on editing–including GoFundMe pages, personal memoirs, fiction stories, self-help books, scientific reports, financial reports, and so much more.

After years of editing others’ works and encouraging her husband, Michael C. Sahd, to publish his, Laura decided to finally contribute some of her own to the reading world. As of 2023, she has published two children’s picture books, The Dwarves Of Dimmerdown and My First Book Of Strangers: The People I Don’t Know. Currently, in addition to writing A World Apart, Gedra Gets a Man, Gedra Gets A Gift, and To Catch A Fish, she is working on another super-secret Kindle Vella novel, under a pen name. If you’re interested, here’s a one-word hint: Dwarves. Look around and see what you can find!
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