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Free Fall: Story 1 in the “Tales of Suspense” Series by Jerry Jamison


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Mar 19, 2024
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Free Fall: Story 1 in the “Tales of Suspense” Series by Jerry Jamison

Della Adderly was a twenty-something aspiring art director who was anxious to make her mark in the advertising world of the late 1960s. Tired of laboring behind men who took the credit for her work, she took a risk and strode into the office of Miss Veronica Landon—a sharp, no-nonsense Creative Director for one of the fastest-rising agencies in Manhattan—and demanded an interview.

After their meeting, Della strolled down Fifth Avenue—primarily to show off her new outfit—and then settled into a seat at a little sidewalk French Bistro. As she was noshing on a cheese sandwich, there was a scream from bystanders and seconds later a body fell at her feet from twenty stories above. It was Veronica Landon.

Accident? Suicide? Murder? The mystery weaves its way through a colorful cast of characters to a shocking, head-turning conclusion high above the Manhattan skyline.

Each book in the “Tales of Suspense” Series is a standalone story and not connected to the others. Readers can jump in at any point.

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Author Bio:​

The author of more than 30 published full-length fiction novels, Jerry Jamison has been an award-winning advertising copywriter with over 30 national writing commendations during his career. As the principal of a California-based advertising agency, he has helped create and guide successful and memorable campaigns for a wide range of clients throughout the country. The “Tales of Suspense” Series (currently 16 stories), is his first foray into the mystery/thriller genre.
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