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Forbidden Spice by KC Savage


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Mar 19, 2024
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Forbidden Spice by KC Savage

I’ve got huge plans for my life. Falling for someone is not in those plans.
College first, then making my dream of owning, and being the head chef of a restaurant in New York City a reality.
One Friday night while working, I catch sight of the most stunning woman who’s ever entered The Oasis, sitting at the bar with her friend.
Blaire shook my plans upside down and sideways from the moment we met.

One night at The Oasis and my life is never going to be the same.
After my divorce, I wasn’t looking for anything serious. I have a young daughter to raise.
His inviting smile and mischievous gaze draw me in, and I can’t think straight.
He’s amazing.
So young, fit, and gorgeous.
So, in tune with me and all my wants and needs.
After we spend two magnificent weeks together, I go back to work at the university, where I’m a culinary instructor.
My heart stops when Jaden walks into my classroom.

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Author Bio:​

KC lives in Florida with her husband of over 30 years.
When not writing, she reads, and binge watches shows like Scandal. She loves baseball, and relaxing with an excellent whiskey at the end of her day.
Her favorite genre to read is the one she writes, taboo romance. She also likes to read horror. Her favorite author is Stephen King.
Las Vegas is her favorite vacation spot, NYC and the beach are also places she loves to go.
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