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Escape to Osprey Cove Lodge by Luisa Marietta Gold


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Mar 19, 2024
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Escape to Osprey Cove Lodge by Luisa Marietta Gold

An unusual find in the secret compartment of Doug’s Corvette will change lives forever–a spellbinding mystery of love, betrayal, and wealth from the scenic Rideau Lakes in Canada to the beautiful shores of the Caribbean.

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Author Bio:​

Luisa Marietta Gold was born in Pennsylvania, where she spent a large part of her adult life. She moved to North Carolina after the birth of her only daughter, where she currently resides on eleven acres with her husband and several mixed labs. She published her debut novel, Escape to Osprey Cove, Book 1 of The Osprey Cove Lodge series, in September 2016. The series was born from Luisa’s love of the Rideau Lake region of Canada, the outdoors, and lake life. She spent many years enjoying the Rideau region while staying in lodges reminiscent of the lodge in her novel. Other interests include painting. All of her book covers are either painted or photographed by her. Her bio photo was taken in a tea room near her home, reminiscent of the one referred to in her first novel, where one selects a hat to wear while dining there. As her character Libby would say, they can be quite silly sometimes.
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