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Mar 19, 2024
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Enfield’s New Business Awards Receive Overwhelming Number of Nominations​

Garry Kousoulou, founder of Loving LocalGarry Kousoulou, founder of Loving Local Thousands of “local stars” have been nominated for the newly-launched Enfield Business and Community Awards.
Loving Social Media - Enfield Business Awards
Garry Kousoulou, founder of the Enfield networking firm Loving Local, says more than 3,000 nominations have been received across various categories – including ‘best local service provider’, ‘best healthcare provider’, ‘best charity’ and ‘community business of the year’ – in just one week. Nominations close tomorrow (Thursday 2nd) and a shortlist for each category will then be opened to a public vote on the Loving Local website. Award winners will be announced at an event taking place on 14th April. Garry said: “I have been absolutely overwhelmed that 3,000 people have been nominated in under one week. It is great to see so many people being recognised for their hard work and dedication to the community.” The idea to launch the Enfield Business and Community Awards came from an American student, Brooklyn Wilson, on a work placement with Loving Local. The awards ceremony will be attended by local MPs Feryal Clark and Bambos Charalambous. Loving Local is a community-based firm which lists, supports and promotes local businesses, charities and voluntary groups. Garry added: “We are excited to have the support of our local MPs and other dignitaries at the awards ceremony. It is important to celebrate the achievements of those who make a positive impact in our community, and we are thrilled to be able to do so through these awards.”In the vibrant heart of Enfield, a groundbreaking celebration is underway, igniting the spirit of community and commerce alike. Spearheaded by Garry Kousoulou, the visionary behind the community-centric enterprise, Loving Local, the inaugural Enfield Business and Community Awards have taken the borough by storm. An astounding surge of support has materialized, with over 3,000 nominations flooding in, shining a spotlight on the unsung heroes of our local streets.
social media company enfield

With categories spanning the best in local services, healthcare excellence, charitable endeavours, and standout community businesses, the awards have tapped into a wellspring of appreciation for those who go above and beyond. The curtain will soon close on nominations, setting the stage for a public vote that promises to be a celebration of communal choice and voice.

Garry, touched by the overwhelming response, shared his excitement, “To see such a wave of nominations – over 3,000 in just a week – has truly exceeded all expectations. It’s a testament to the boundless dedication and passion within our community.”

This initiative was sparked by the innovative thinking of Brooklyn Wilson, an American student with a keen eye for community development, during her tenure at Loving Local. The awards night, poised for the 14th of April, is anticipated to be a gathering of Enfield’s finest, with local MPs Feryal Clark and Bambos Charalambous among the distinguished attendees.

At the heart of Loving Local lies a commitment to uplifting and uniting local enterprises, charities, and voluntary organizations, fostering a network of support that enriches the community fabric. As Garry notes, “The backing of our MPs and community leaders is crucial. This event isn’t just about accolades; it’s a platform to celebrate and amplify the positive forces at work in our community.”

The Enfield Business and Community Awards stand as a beacon of local pride and progress, championed by Loving Local’s relentless drive to weave stronger bonds of support and recognition across the borough.

Loving Social Media - Business Award

enfield business awards

Social media updates New Chapter in social media lets use it for good.


enfield awards
enfield awards

Loving Social Media - Enfield Business Awards

enfield awards enfield business awards Loving Social Media - Business Award Loving Social Media - Enfield Business Awards Loving Social Media - Enfield Business Awards Enfiled Biz awards 2024
social media in Enfield loves social media

To enter the 2024

Enfiled Biz awards 2024

Enfield-awards last year’s winners​

Full list of winners​

Best Restaurant: Lizzie’s Cucina

Best Local Service Provider: Holtwhites Bakery

Best Market Stall: Bright Aura

Green Award: Remedies London

Female Entrepreneur of the Year: Shomari Anderson

Male Entrepreneur of the Year: Lawrence-Thor Stephen

Best Cafe/Coffee Shop: Wanasa Café

Best Pub: Rose and Crown

Happiest Place to Work: ANA Nursing

Outstanding Customer Service: Maria Elias

Best Work Experience Employer: Kickstart Homes CIC

Best Health Care Provider: Tessa Stevens

Best Charity: Family Based Solutions

Most Effective Social Media and Marketing: ME Winchmore Hill

Best Childcare Provider: The Artz Kidz

Best Trade: Tully’s Domestic Appliances

Best Property Company: Relocation Homes

Best Online Business: FOLDiMATS

Best Health/Leisure Club: Unite in Fitness

Best Finance, Legal, and Business Services: Metro Bank

Community Business of the Year: Platinum Academy of Performing Arts

Best Live Music Venue or Music Festival: Livestock Events

Best New Business: Indulgence by Josephine

Lifetime Achievement Award: Emma Supple

Enfield Community Heroes: Yevgeniya Pozigun, Dionne John, Colin Lee-Own

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