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Empowered For Your Journey: Be Intentional by Shauneille Smith


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Mar 19, 2024
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Empowered For Your Journey: Be Intentional by Shauneille Smith

Welcome to the world of self-discovery and personal growth!
Begin your adventure of discovering you through the pages of this guided journal.

This guided journal as a steppingstone that bridges the divide.
between where you are now and where you aspire to be.
It was created to equip you with the necessary tools, to transform your life outcomes and set you on a path to progress.
Discover the power within you, by identifying the value that comes with you being you and create moving beyond the ordinary to the exceptional life you deserve.
The time to start your process to progress is now!

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Author Bio:​

Shauneille is a student of life with a keen focus on empowering women leaders. Shauneille leverages her profound experiences and insights to challenge and inspire her audience. She is the author of internationally acclaimed works such as “Empowered For Your Journey” and her intellectual contributions have been recognized in the Duke Engineering Journal. As an a documented thought leader. Shauneille’s mission is to provoke thought and encourage women worldwide to recognize and act upon their unique value in all aspects of life.
Regardless of whether you are a woman starting your journey of process to progress or whether you are a women leader in transition the common ground is fulfillment.
Shauneille inspires women leaders to identify their value in their family, community and organizations; through provocative thought resources that initiate personal and staff development resources.
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