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Embracing Your Godly Authority by Heather Lancaster


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Mar 19, 2024
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Embracing Your Godly Authority by Heather Lancaster

★ Grab Hold of Your Authority ★

You frequently hear messages about how believers should walk in Godly authority. And even though you know God wants you to live a victorious, powerful life, there always seem to be pieces missing. You know there’s more available to you.

Incorporate the truth from Scripture and walk in greater authority over the next 30 days!

Embracing Your Godly Authority is a quick daily devotional with the potential for extraordinary outcomes. The daily readings, prayers, and activities help you pro-actively:

✓ Discern what aspects of Godly authority are available to you.

✓ Avoid common pitfalls that weaken your authoritative stand.

✓ Experience manifested authority in all areas of your life – spiritual, mental, and financial.

Enjoy creating new habits that can make life better – for you and everyone around you.

This is an easy Bible study guide for beginners offering an inspirational approach to spiritual and personal growth. Use it as a quick daily devotional or as a workbook by diving into the guided practical activities. It’s perfect for individual or women’s group Bible studies.

Buy the book, and follow the author on social media:​

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Author Bio:​

Heather Lancaster is a prophetic minister, speaker, and author. Whether through online devotionals, books, or in person, Heather is passionate about helping believers see the power in their words, walk in all God’s benefits, overcome their fears, expand their faith, and understand God’s love for them through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Heather knows God has given everyone a unique gift and calling to be used in this time and place, no matter their age, background, or social status. She believes it’s time for the people of God to see His promises come to pass in their lives as they stand up and show what makes believers different from the world. Heather hosts the “eXchanging Eternal Truths” podcast, available on all major platforms.

Heather grew up on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, learning the Bible in church, Christian schools, and from her family. As a minister with Eternal Truths Ministries, Heather is passionate about encouraging others to discover and fulfill their God-given callings. She and her husband, Greg, founded Expanding Your Faith Ministries, and together they run Glory Fire Productions.

When she has spare time, you can find Heather playing video games with Greg, strumming her guitar, or spending time with friends and family. Heather and Greg currently reside in Anderson, SC.
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