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Do You Believe in Magic? by Jim Melvin


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Mar 19, 2024
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About Featured Book: Do You Believe in Magic? by Jim Melvin

Books 1 and 2 of Dark Circles will be free on April 22-26. Book 3 will debut for $3.99 on April 22.

From the author of The Death Wizard Chronicles comes a new adventure suitable for teens and adults. Do You Believe in Magic? is book 1 of Dark Circles, a fantasy adventure trilogy for readers 13 and older. — When Charlie Magus enters a fantastical world hidden deep in the forest, his life is turned upside down. The timid 13-year-old transforms into a powerful wizard wielding formidable magic. In the real world, life goes on as usual. But in the fantasy world, a war is brewing that will dwarf all others. Charlie’s newfound powers stand between victory and defeat. But in which world does he truly belong?

This Fantasy book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print

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