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Dissonance Volume I: Reality by Aaron Ryan


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Mar 19, 2024
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About Featured Book: Dissonance Volume I: Reality by Aaron Ryan

Only .99 for a limited time!

“One look, and it’s all over.”

There are some rules you never forget. Above all else, whatever you do, you never look directly at a gorgon. Now, plug your ears… because the war for humanity has begun.

Sergeant Cameron “Jet” Shipley was there when they first arrived in 2026. For 16 long years, he learned to hide. To never make a sound. Learning the most important rule of all about the gorgons:

You just… don’t… look.

The year is now 2042, and humanity is eking out an existence in the shadows.

Shipley and his team are sent out on a recon mission with developments that may alter the trajectory of Earth’s fate… and his own. Joined by newcomers Bassett and Trudy, Cameron and his brother Rut will have to contend with a terrifying alien species that has annihilated eighty-five percent of mankind.

Will his mission lead him on a slippery slope of discovery that demands accountability? Or will it plunge humanity, and everything in it, into further dissonance?

This SciFi book is available in these Formats: eBook, Print, Audiobook

Buy Book Here.
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