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Deutsch Gym Mini Review: Improve your German Speaking Skills


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Mar 19, 2024
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Deutsch Gym​


€37/ month


Are you struggling to speak German confidently? Then you should check out Deutsch Gym.

Deutsch Gym is a friendly online community of German learners whose aim is to help you boost your spoken German. Classes range from A2 to C1 level and are held every single day. You will be placed in small groups where you can practice your spoken German with native speakers and with fellow learners. Every class has a unique and interesting discussion theme. Deutsch Gym’s classes are online, live, audio-only with no video, and an hour long.
Deutsch Gym is 100% focused on conversation, giving you the confidence you need to speak German no matter where you are. Costs are low for everyday sessions. You’ll get a perfect mix of pressure and support, meaning that you get to speak to strangers but the discussion themes guide you when learning. You’ll make friends and improve your German speaking skills at the same time.

Deutsch Gym uses Discord interface which may not be appealing to some learners, and the classes are in European timezone. If these aren’t dealbreakers for you, then Deutsch Gym is a great resource to help you gain fluency in Spoken German without the fear of making mistakes.

Visit Deutsch Gym
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