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Death of a Goddess by Steve Stephenson and K.M. Tedrick


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Mar 19, 2024
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Death of a Goddess by Steve Stephenson and K.M. Tedrick

In its continuous battle between good and evil, the planet Muiria faces unprecedented challenges. Even after defeating the Wraith Lords of Zeiglon and then vanquishing Taza, a vampire warlock, there is still no rest for the defenders of good. Now two new threats arise. First, the sorceress Cyra, a goddess of evil and the new champion of the malicious Adois’, and second, a black dragon, the most powerful and evil of all dragon kind.

Prince Tarquin and his wife, Princess Ress have been awaiting the birth of their first child, but Tarquin becomes impatient when he is unable to be of much help against these new threats. He and his dwarvan friend, Botreg, decide to team up with their former comrade in arms, Hority, the Clorian monk who has fought so many battles with them.

As they arrive at the Clorian compound, they discover that the dwarves are under attack and many monks are already dead after the theft of an ancient map they possessed showing the location of an unspeakably dangerous treasure.

The prince contacts the wizard Celedant and his bonded dragon, Azimuth. Soon the three of them, along with Eldahir, his wife Morganna, Hority, and important members of the Wood Elves all join forces once more to track down the murdering thieves and discover the true relevance of the stolen map.

Meanwhile, Cyra has mercilessly attacked a warlock guild in Trudoc, commandeering it, and has become the new leader of their city. Finding clues to the map’s location, she sends twenty white behemoth orcs and a powerful warlock after Celedant before he and his band can retrieve the map. Her minions have two missions: first, find where the map leads and take its treasure; then kill Celedant and his company.

What Cyra does not know is that the treasure belongs to an ancient black dragon whose evil is a perfect match to her own.

The race is on. Who will get to the treasure first? Will Azimuth survive the battle with his ancient foe, the black dragon? Will Tarquin make it home in time for the birth of his child? Will the ancient gods have to go to battle against Adois at the Clorian Compound?

Finally, Adaman, Adois’s twin but a force for good, has reached his limit for his sister’s evil treachery. He arrives and an epic battle of good versus evil commences on a scale that no one on the planet Muiria could ever have predicted.

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Author Bio:​

Steve Stephenson has a BA in History and a Masters degree in Library Science. He and his co-writer have published five epic fantasy books set in the world of Muiria.
KM (Kathryn) Tedrick is a writer and ghostwriter in the fantasy, science fiction, adventure, Christian, and young adult genres with one book that was made into a movie, and over sixteen books that have been published.
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