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Daddy Is Cool Like That by Mary Anne McMahon & Jennifer Bucciero Boyles


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Mar 19, 2024
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Daddy Is Cool Like That by Mary Anne McMahon & Jennifer Bucciero Boyles

Mary Anne McMahon and Jennifer Bucciero Boyles wrote the book, Daddy Is Cool Like That, about two little girls whose father was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Jennifer’s father lived with multiple sclerosis for nearly forty years. We wrote this book so that his remarkable journey through disability can inspire hope and purpose for others confronted with an unexpected diagnosis, and to ensure that Jennifer’s father, Michael George Bucciero, is remembered for his love, humor, and grit. Our story is fictional, but Michael’s guideline for a meaningful life is factual and captured in our book. We won a gold medal for our book in the Readers’ Favorite 2023 International Book Awards Contest and have received 390+ heartwarming Amazon reviews.

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Author Bio:​

Mary Anne McMahon has 28 years of teaching experience and has owned and operated a puppet performing business. She has written the book, The Motor City and Me: Our Story, that highlights the rich history of Detroit and how the city left an impact on her life. Now a grandmother of young children she has fulfilled her dream of writing children’s books.

Jennifer Bucciero Boyles has been a school counselor for over twenty years. She witnessed her father endure multiple sclerosis throughout much of her life. She knows first-hand the trauma of having a disabled parent. Her goal is to help children dealing with a parent’s disability. Jennifer is a parent herself now and relishes time with her ten-year-old daughter.
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