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College Life of a Retired Senior by Yvonne Blackwood


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Mar 19, 2024
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College Life of a Retired Senior by Yvonne Blackwood

A true story of a former bank manager’s experience as she returns to college in the third act of life to earn a degree in English. Seven years after she retires from the Royal Bank of Canada, ending a thirty-seven-year career, Yvonne Blackwood surprises her friends and family by returning to school at sixty-four. She craves knowledge and is motivated by four powerful reasons: to add texture to her writing; to ward off dementia by exercising her brain with her studies; to add ongoing structure to her life by attending classes regularly; to inspire her two young grandsons to attend university full-time when they graduate from high school. She writes, “What I didn’t know was how much the pursuit of the degree would inform me, challenge me, satisfy me, and drive me to consider giving up on more than one occasion.”
Both ebook and softcover books are on sale at Amazon and other booksellers.

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Author Bio:​

Yvonne Blackwood is the author of four adult non-fiction books: Into Africa: A Personal Journey; Will That Be Cash or Cuffs? Into Africa: The Return, and College Life of a Retired Senior. She has also published three children’s picture books: Nosey Charlie Comes to Town, Nosey Charlie Goes to Court, and Nosey Charlie Chokes on a Wiener. She is an award-winning short-story writer and has contributed stories to several anthologies, including Human Kindness, Canadian Voices, and Wordscape. Blackwood has published articles in More of Our Canada, Adelaide, InTouch and Green Prints. She has written columns for Pride Newspaper, the Toronto Star, and The African Connection. Yvonne loves movies and has a collection of most Oscar-winning Best Pictures from 1925!
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