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Chicks and Dice by Normand Pigeon


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Mar 19, 2024
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Chicks and Dice by Normand Pigeon

Set in the gaming capital of the world, Las Vegas, Nevada. This 21st-century tale is a lush exploration of romance, desire, sex and ambition, where dreams can be made and shattered in an instant. And entertainment is everywhere as the action goes.

Living in the glamorous city of Las Vegas, Christian thrives as a deluxe gigolo catering to discerning clients. He has a diverse group of friends, all cut from the same cloth: party girls, high-rollers, smooth talkers, and even a few shady characters like Shylock, all residing in the vibrant city of Las Vegas. Sin City is a place where visitors can indulge in their wildest fantasies, immersing themselves in a world of fun and excitement. For the content, the focus is mainly on sex, gaming, and fame. Christian’s clientele primarily consists of women who appreciate his romantic demeanor and are willing to pay for the pleasure he can provide. He lives a lavish life, constantly moving from one casino to another, from hotel to hotel. He indulges in luxurious restaurants and frequents upscale bars, if they are willing to foot the bill. A gigolo makes love, but avoids falling in love. Until he met Ronny, (Ronelle MacArthur).

They will spend precious moments together, savoring the romance, until the inevitable day when she has to fly back East. Her passionate patron could always expect a sweet surprise from Christian, who would leave a little gift as a token of appreciation. But this time, it will lead to an overwhelming sense of responsibility. Gaming will infuse the World Capital of Entertainment with an electrifying sense of drama. There is often confusion between dreams and ideas of fame and fantasy, but Christian and his friends gain the knowledge to use it to their advantage.

And trouble too…

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Author Bio:​

I’m from Quebec. I was born and educated in Montreal. Since 1982, I’ve been working in IT, learning several computer languages specific to my profession. In 2001, I was hired by IGT in Las Vegas. I quickly fell in love with the city. I have had a passion for literature since childhood, but my job left me little time to write. When I retired, I rediscovered this passion. ‘Chicks and Dice’ is my first novel.
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