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Art of War for family gatherings by Andrew Weston


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Mar 19, 2024
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Art of War for family gatherings by Andrew Weston

“Sharp wit and entertaining intelligence on family relations.” An insightful family friendly read full of practical advice to help you stand your ground while you navigate the minefield of family relations in these troubling times. An enjoyable MUST READ for anyone who wants to preserve the love!

Drawing on neuroscience, insights from Stoicism, and the teachings of Sun Tzu’s 2500-year-old book on the philosophy of war, Weston provides a fresh approach to interpersonal relations.

With Weston’s helpful insights into age old wisdom and strategies, we may yet leave meeting family with our most cherished relationships intact – and some vital new life skills to serve as a source of strength in the turbulent times ahead!

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Author Bio:​

Andrew Weston is a Classics major (also Cancer star sign:) who loves ancient history as much as modern life. Troubled by the turbulence witnessed in family life as of late, he had an idea; what if he applies some ancient wisdom to modern issues…. Art of War for Family Gatherings is the first book in a series written for those he loves.
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