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A GOOD DAY TO DIE by Carina Bergfeldt


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Mar 19, 2024
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A GOOD DAY TO DIE by Carina Bergfeldt

He is the last person to touch them before they die.
His face is the last they see before they are executed.
He stands there with one last goal: to get them to heaven.

276 TIMES CHAPLAIN Jim Brazzil has sat in death’s waiting room. He has listened to confessions in the eleventh hour. The last moment of the condemned, when everything bubbles up to the surface and they have to share. Now Jim is the one dying, ready for his last confession.

THE AWARD-WINNING Swedish journalist Carina Bergfeldt and the American prison pastor start a conversation that ends up changing both their lives. He is older, patient, and wise. She is young, restless, and angry.

IN HIS HOUSE in the Texan countryside, their discussions about death and sorrow, hope, atonement, and love create a magical journey.

How are we supposed to live our lives?
Can one always be forgiving?
And what day is actually a good day to die?

Quotes about the book:

”Brilliant, Bergfeldt! … Touching, uplifting, and awful at the same time.”

“A book to bury yourself in. Whether or not you have a strong faith, it is healing to take part in their conversation.”

”A touching and disturbing book, but also an experience. Maybe even an awakening.”
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Author Bio:​

CARINA BERGFELDT is an award-winning, best selling author, journalist, and one of the most popular TV hosts in Sweden.
Bergfeldt rose to prominence as a reporter at Aftonbladet, Sweden’s biggest daily newspaper, and then went on to become the US correspondent for SVT, Sweden’s public service broadcaster. She has won the Great Journalist Award for Storyteller of the Year, Writing Style of the Year, and the Kristallen television Award for Best Host. She was also awarded an honorary doctorate at the Umeå University for her coverage of America.
Carina Bergfeldt has published both fiction and non-fiction books, with translation rights sold to 15 countries. She lives in Stockholm, Sweden, with her husband and son.
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