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A Baker’s Dozen of Tapestries


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Mar 19, 2024
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Thirteen tapestries, all designed by artist Andrew Crummy – the artist behind The Great Tapestry of Scotland, will be on display in Scotland over 10 days, from 9th to 18th March. This is a remarkable achievement.

The 13 tapestries are:

1. The Great Tapestry of Scotland, Galashiels
2. Dundee Tapestry V&A Dundee
3. Cancer Tapestry V&A Dundee, 16th – 18th March
4. Scottish Diaspora Tapestry Dalkeith Palace, 15th – 17th March
5. Declaration of Arbroath Tapestry, Arbroath Abbey visitors Centre
6. Gordon Highlanders WW1 Tapestry Gordon Highlanders Museum
7. Clackmannanshire Tapestry, Alloa Hub
8. Kirkcaldy panel, Kirkcaldy museum
9. Allermuir Tapestry, Allermuir Medical Centre, Edinburgh
10. Battle of Prestonpans Tapestry (section of), Prestonpans Town Hall, 16th, 17th March
11. Renfrewshire Tapestry, photographic exhibition, New Victoria Hospital, Glasgow
12. Spirit of The Highlands Tapestry, first panels framed on display at Fibrefest, Dornoch, 9th March
13. Craigmillar Tapestry, Workshop and display, Hays Avenue Hub, 12th March

Read more about The Great Tapestry of Scotland now.

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