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6 Key Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2024


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Mar 19, 2024
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6 Key Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know for 2024​

The new year is here, and for us digital marketers, that means it’s time to look ahead at the key trends and changes coming down the pipeline in 2024. As our industry evolves faster than a TikTok dance trend, we constantly have to stay on top of new tech, platforms, and strategies to help our brands thrive.

Let’s dive into the top 6 digital marketing trends you need to know for 2024:​

1. Social Media – More Engagement, More AI​

Social media ain’t going anywhere, though the platforms themselves keep changing. This year, make sure you’re tapping into Instagram Threads to spark meaningful conversations with your audience. LinkedIn is also becoming a powerful platform for B2B – don’t underestimate its potential to get your brand in front of key decision-makers.

Across many platforms, we’ll see artificial intelligence playing a bigger role in customising social experiences. The key is to strike the right balance between automation and human touch.

2. AI Goes Mainstream in Marketing​

Speaking of AI, it’s transforming marketing in exciting ways. But don’t hand over the reins completely to the machines just yet. Marketers need to remain at the helm of strategy while leveraging AI as an assistant. Hone skills like data analysis to maximise its potential. Think of it as a collaborative relationship between human creativity and AI optimisation.

3. Google’s New Search Generative Experience Changes the SEO Game​

One of the biggest SEO shakeups coming in 2024 is Google’s new Search Generative Experience (SGE). This uses AI to provide ultra-personalized search results for each user.

So, what does this mean for SEO? Well, it’s a shift away from just targeting keywords and instead focusing on crafting content that provides value, meets user intent, and keeps people engaged.

Specifically, to optimise for SGE, you need to:​

  • Create high-quality, in-depth content – Focus on producing content that offers true value to readers, answers their questions, and establishes your expertise. Well-researched, comprehensive blog posts and guides work well.
  • Make content relatable and engaging – Inject personality into your writing. Use humour, cultural references, visuals, and a conversational tone to create content people enjoy consuming. This builds authority and trust.
  • Optimise for user experience – Every aspect of the user journey matters, from site speed to navigation to mobile responsiveness. Remove any friction points that would cause readers to bounce.
  • Promote shareability – Adding share buttons and featuring engaging headlines encourages readers to spread your content organically.
  • Double down on E-A-T – Google wants to reward sites that demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. So build your credentials.

SGE is all about giving searchers the best possible experience. By crafting content of exceptional quality and optimising the full user journey, you can rank highly in these personalised results. The focus is firmly on providing real value, rather than chasing keywords.

4. PPC – Don’t Just Rely on the Reps​

For PPC experts, don’t let Google reps convince you to make dramatic changes without sufficient testing. Do use AI to assist with campaign optimisation, but avoid going overboard based on a sales pitch.

5. Data Privacy and Sustainability are Crucial​

As consumers care more about data privacy and sustainability, marketing strategies must take these into account. Make sure you have consent for data usage while also highlighting environmental efforts in campaigns.

6. Boost Your AI Skills​

The digital marketing job market is heating up as we head into 2024. Employers have largely shifted into hiring mode, but competition for roles is steep. So how can you stand out and land that dream job?

The key is to develop expertise in artificial intelligence and data-driven marketing. These skills are highly sought after yet still relatively rare. Learning to leverage AI and analytics will make you a hugely valuable addition to any marketing team.

Here are some tips to build the AI and data skills that hiring managers are looking for:​

  • Get certified in AI marketing platforms like Albert or Acoustic. Hands-on training demonstrates your ability to deploy and optimise AI tools.
  • Master marketing analytics software like Google Analytics, Tableau, and Python. Crunch data to extract actionable insights.
  • Brush up on your statistical and analytical reasoning skills. Develop the ability to interpret complex data sets.
  • Stay on top of AI and marketing developments through sites like MarTech and SearchEngineLand.
  • Practice communicating data insights to non-technical colleagues. Data storytelling is key.
  • Get experience running A/B tests and experiments to continually optimise campaigns.
  • Build a portfolio highlighting your successful use of data and AI in past campaigns.

With the rapid evolution of technology, digital marketing roles demand a blend of human creativity and technical competency.

There you have it – 6 key trends to help future-proof your digital marketing strategy this year. Feel free to contact us! We’re happy to chat more about leveraging these trends for your brand.

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