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100 Percent Mortality: 15 Stories of Excuses, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings in Estate Planning by Debra Koven


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Mar 19, 2024
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100 Percent Mortality: 15 Stories of Excuses, Mistakes, and Misunderstandings in Estate Planning by Debra Koven

Estate planning is more important than you realize… and these 15 stories will inspire you to take action now!
One day, you’re going to die.

How did that statement make you feel? Were you tempted to stop reading and hide from the idea for another day?

Most of us do. We live in a world where we shy away from death – a fundamental concept of life that affects us all.

Yet that very thing prevents us from taking the actions that will allow our legacies to live on and make sure our loved ones are taken care of no matter what happens.

That’s why you started reading this, and it’s why you’re still here reading, despite how uncomfortable that sentence might have made you feel.

Think about this: If you’re not willing to think about the inevitability of death, how will you have control of what happens to your remains? How will you know that your children are looked after or that your assets go to the people you care about?

The trick is not to push the idea of death out of your mind, but instead to prepare for it – so you can keep living life to the fullest, with complete peace of mind that everything will work out as you wish when you finally reach the end.

The trick is estate planning.

It might sound like an administrative headache, but it’s really no more complicated than a set of clear instructions dictating who your assets will go to and when.

It shows your loved ones that you care about them enough to sort everything out to protect them, and it ensures that when you eventually pass and they’re already facing deep sadness and grief, they won’t find themselves in court trying to figure out exactly what it was you wanted.

Buy the book, and follow the author on social media:​

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Author Bio:​

I am an estate planning attorney who focuses on helping families, with minor children, in the South Bay community and surrounding areas of Los Angeles, CA. As both a lawyer and a parent, my primary goals are to help educate, inform and guide the families in my community when it comes to planning and protecting the most precious possessions–their children, in the event of death or incapacity. My most important role and membership is in the club of working moms who are balancing caring for a family, a household and work, while not losing sight of my passions and personal goals. I am an avid sports fan who loves to watch hockey, baseball and college football (GO BRUINS!). I love all sorts of reality tv, movies and particularly love going to the beautiful beaches of Southern California. In addition to my daughter, I live with my husband, and my senior cat Sammy, and 2 kittens, Ozzy & Lily, in Redondo Beach, California
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